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Short Story and Accomplishments of EMINTAS A.S.

Emintas Emlak Insaat ve Ticaret A.S., established in 1975, is a Company that engages in construction and real estate estate. The Company shareholders are the owners of Kucukcalik Textile, Izbal Insaat and Alikisioglu Insaat companies and Kadikoy Sifa Hospital. The accomplishments of the Company are grouped mainly as follows:

Our construction activities began in late 1976 with building of Kadikoy Hardware Market and moved to Bayrampasa quarter in European side of Istanbul in 1977.
This site, which is first of small industrial estates, is a significant structure thanks to the fact that it introduced the system with roof parking lot and ramp in Istanbul. Constructions of the Maltepe Industrial Estate and Erenkoy Residential Estate located in Kadikoy side began between the years 1983 and 1985.

The Maltepe Industrial Estate, Erenkoy Residential Estate located in Kadikoy side and Topcular Site were built between the years 1986 and 1987. Constructions of the Binatli Industrial Estate, Akel Industrial Estate, and Yuksek Ocak Industrial Estate were completed in European side of Istanbul in period 1988 ? 1989.

From 1990 to 1993, Camlik Residential Estate and Erenkoy-2 Residential Estate were built in Kadikoy side, whereas Onur Industrial Estate, Dincol Industrial Estate, Ulubatli Industrial Estate, and Yusuf Atli Industrial Estate were completed in European side of Istanbul.

Erka-1 and Erka-2 Industrial Estates, Ulubatli-2 Industrial Estate, Toker and Orpas Industrial Estates were completed in years 1994 to 1995.

In 1995, company decided to build Istanbul Leather Center in Zeytinburnu and a trade center at Merter quarter in the same district.

The Merter Business Center was opened to business in 1998 and the company has moved its head office to this plaza.

Our construction project, began as Istanbul Leather Center in 1999, has been completed and called Olivium Shopping Center. Our Company owns 65% and assumes management of this Shopping Center.

Our References:
Olivium Outlet Center
Merter Business Center
?aml?k Residential Estate
Akel Industrial Estate
Please visit the section called ?Our References? to find out more about our projects. You will find pictures and brief information about our works. Please contact our Company for more information.

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